Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hey your profile made me laugh

ok so i dont have the hole body shot at all it's all new and other sh*tlike that most of what u say was very funny and was interesting too yea im not thin but im not fat ether im just me and thats about that, i knwo i wont get a response more than likely cause i dont have a body shot i can say im good at heart and like alot of things that isn't in the norm at all, well anywho seen u on my view me list so im like well y not see who this guy is when i read your profile i actrully got a laugh and yea i did what u said is true i actrully lost a damn bet and now im also on this site and a friend told me to go on this too so yea whatever if u messge me back oh well but u seem interesting, well laters

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You bet

I think it would be good to talk. I relate to you in many ways. I was a wild animal in my youth and I would love to live vicariously though you. Not in a strange way but a fun conversation way. Don't be scared to message me. m harmless. All my stories have a moral story at the end that you will like.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


hey thought your really cute i really lke the bald eagle one and I love exploring old buildings but i gotta be honest i dunno what elitism is so anyways id like to know a bit more about you so heres some questions anyways the balls in your court now

1.whats something really important to know about you

2.do you like thunderstorms

3.whats the crazyiest thing youve ever done

4.do you like blizzards

5.what are you scared of

6. whats the most unusal thing about you

7. whats your favorite band

8. if you could live anywhere where would it be

9. how many tattoos and piercings do you have and where

10.do you mind hickeys

11. whats your yahoo sn or if your feeling adventureous whats your cell
feel free to ask anything youd like to know
Hope to hear from you soon
lastly tacobells awsome lettece is what food eats though lol

Saturday, December 11, 2010